When it’s Time to Call an IT Professional

Should you Call?

You may run into issues constantly when it comes to technology. Your WiFi isn’t working, your computer won’t boot up, you’re having issues updating your phone. Whatever the issue may be sometimes you may need to request the help of a professional and other times you may not. Here are some of the ways to determine if your issue is beyond solving the problem yourself.

Restarting Device

If a program won’t load or your device seems to be stuck the first thing you should try is a proper restart or reset. Restarting your device can usually solve simple issues you may encounter and is the first thing our technicians will do anyway.


However, if you are experiencing a blue screen, on-screen warnings, or if programs are not loading, this may be a sign of malware, misconfigured or corrupted files, etc. Particularly with browsers, an unnecessary amount of popups are caused by malware. This is when you need to be concerned and should call a technician for help.

Checking All Connections

We know it sounds silly but 6 out of 10 times a device may just need to be plugged back in due to a bad connection. Sometimes cords can get moved and it can cause the device to lose connection to power. By simply checking all your connections you can prevent having to request for help for such a simple fix.

Cleaning your ComputeR

Computers collect a ton of dust over time and it is necessary to clean it regularly to keep your computer working efficiently. You can do this yourself if the dust is not too heavy. However, if a lot of dust has accumulated then it would be best to call your IT to have it cleaned. The technician will have the necessary tools and knowledge to properly remove to dust safely.

Check for Unusual Noises

Having a good understanding of what your computer should sound like normally can prevent some serious problems. Your computer should sound fairly quiet with only a small hum from the fan. If you began to hear a rumbling sound or chattering this could be a fan going out or pre-hard drive failure. If this occurs call your tech immediately to prevent further damage.

Performing Regular Updates

Performing regular updates is very important and can be easily done on your own. Updating can prevent vulnerabilities in your system and may prevent any existing issues from getting worse. However, sometimes you can run into issues updating and if this occurs it could be a malware issue. This is the time to call your tech to fix the issue and process the updates properly.


If you experience any of the warning signs above please contact your IT Professional immediately. The longer you wait the worse the issues can get. If you need help with any of these issues today please call us at 505-433-5647 to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.