IT Services


Office Network Setup
Office Networks are an important part of modern businesses. A custom network setup can provide better communication and productivity in the work place. If you are looking for a network setup for internet, workstation communication, data backup, and printer sharing, we provide a variety of wired or wireless networking options.
Business IT Management
Do you need someone to manage your business IT needs? We provide Business IT Management plans to take care of regular maintenance for your office computers and network. Whether you need preventative maintenance, onsite and remote tech support, network support and management, or server support, we can help. Contact us for more information.
PCI Compliance
If your business accepts credit cards you must be compliant with PCI security Standards. We will take care of your PCI compliance process and will assist you with the PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire. We will also take care of your annual renewals so you can have zero worries about your compliance status.
IT Services
office network setup
IT Services
Security Surveillance Systems
Protecting your businesss is incredibly important. We will help you setup the best security sytem for your business.
Remote Desktop Setup
You may run into a situation where you need to work from home or while you are out of town. With a remote desktop connection you can do just that. We will create a remote desktop connection from your work computer to your personal computer so you can easily work from home or while you travel. This means you will be able to access all of your work files and programs without physically being at your office. If you are interested in remote desktop setup, call us today for more information.
Wi-Fi Hotspots
Do you want to provide Wi-Fi access to your clients? We provide custom Wi-Fi Hotspots for your business that will allow clients or customers to access the Internet securely and easily. Call today for more information about creating a custom Wi-Fi hotspot for your business.